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Kamis, 25 Maret 2010

Traditional Healers Heart Disease

In the range of human organs attacks can penyakit.seemua disease but not heart. Heart disease is commonly known and most common is coronary heart disease or coronary arteria disease. The disease is most often causes a heart attack in someone who can cause death. The reason is the narrowing of the coronary arteries, where the vessel serves to provide blood to the heart muscle. Constriction caused by a pile of cholesterol or other proteins derived from food intake in the body. This buildup causes the coronary blood vessels become stiff. Rigidity is called atherosclerosis. There is blood in the body. Man there would be no function when the heart stops beating, because the heart is assigned to mengailirkan blood throughout the body. And this is heart disease, including disease leading cause of death in the World. There are several ways and medicines to prevent and treat heart disease one of them with traditional medicine. Traditional medicine is often done by our ancestors to heal is to use the recipe: a. 3 pieces of betel leaf bsrtemu ruasnya. b. 3 packs of red onion. c. 14 seeds fruit cubeb (7 pairs), dand. small spoon of white cumin.
How to make a potion: 1. The material above (except the white cumin) to clean your laundry, then mixed and ground together until smooth. 2. When you are fine, give 4 tablespoons cooking water. 3. You stir, then enter the water into the glass by using d filter. 4. Drink potions as above 2 times every day, at morning and sore.hari.
Good luck and hope to recover. Source:

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